eFAWATEERcom through AJIB ATMs


To settle a bill using the eFAWATEERcom service through AJIBs ATMs, follow the below steps:

  • Insert your ATM card and enter your password
  • Click “Next” on the two screens that will appear, then click on the “eFAWATEERcom Service” tab
  • Select the service you wish to perform
  • Select the biller
  • Enter the bill number
  • Enter the due amount
  • Make sure that the biller information and payment amount are correct
  • A screen will appear to confirm the success of the payment

To ensure that this service is not used by anyone other than the account holder, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the client’s mobile number registered at the bank, the OTP is used to complete the payment process.

  • The OTP can also be sent to a client’s registered e-mail address, in addition to an SMS.
  • The transfer service between the customer's accounts through the online banking application must be activated by the client.