Visa Direct


Visa Direct is a cross-border money transfer service that allows customers to send* and receive money from any bank account around the world directly to the customer’s Visa Debit account though visiting the sender’s branch, or online banking service or ATMs.

Visa Direct is a secure easy way to transfer money across the globe.

*Please note that currently Arab Jordan Investment Bank – AJIB Customers can ONLY receive money on their Visa Debit account that is active on their card.

Service details are as follows:

  • This service is available 24 hours 7 days a week for all AJIB Visa Debit cardholders.
  • The maximum transfer amount per day is USD 2,500 or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • There is no specific number of transfer transactions per day as long as it does not exceed the maximum amount allowed per day.
  • The sender must know the 16-digit number of AJIB Visa Debit Card in order to be able to transfer the money.
  • This service is free of charge, no fees will be paid by the receiving party.
  • The transferred money will be credited to the active account on AJIB Visa Debit Card within 48 hours from sending the money.
  • There is no need to visit the Bank to receive the transferred funds, the customer can directly withdraw the amount from AJIB ATMs using AJIB Visa Debit Card or use the card at any Point of Sale.
  • The recipient does not need to disclose any security details such as the card's expiry date or PIN number.

Transferred funds will be received in the same currency of the active account on the Visa Debit Card from AJIB.

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