Online Banking


General Description

AJIB Online Banking service provides customers a fast, efficient and secure way to access their accounts anytime and from anywhere in the world.

How to Enroll

  • On the Online Banking/Jordan, click on the word "Register Now"
  • On the following page, click on "Next"
  • Enter your personal information in the space provided, and then click "Confirm"
  • You will receive an SMS with a PIN code on your registered mobile number. Enter it in the space provided, and then click "Next"
  • Create a new user name, password, authentication phrase and choose an authentication image
  • Accept the terms and conditions for this service by clicking the custom box and then click "Next"

You can also visit any of our branches to request this service.

Added Values

  • Review your bank accounts details and history
  • Funds transfer between accounts both within the bank’s network and with other local and international; banks in Jordanian Dinar and foreign currencies
  • Blockchain transfers: instant, secure and cost-efficient transfers between AJIB subsidiaries
  • Access to various credit cards services including activating and stopping your credit cards, and printing the credit card statement
  • View, print and save your electronic statements either in Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format, in addition you can choose the cycle preferred and receive it anytime
  • Request a cheque book, which can be picked up from your branch
  • View images of your cheques
  • Receive secure messages from and send secure messages to the bank
  • Access to eFAWATEERcom platform to pay bills and more
  • Reset your password directly in case you forgot it
  • Inquire about currencies exchange rates
  • Calculate interest on deposits

List of Features and how to use each Feature

In addition, our online banking services offer you corporate solutions that include:

  • Trade finance solutions including inquiring and applying for new Letters of Credit (LC), in addition to viewing, tracking and following up on your current LCs, as well as the ability to save and re-use the LC form in the future
  • Managing your corporate account and allowing you to designate users, roles and approval levels on financial transactions
  • Automatic payment orders service
  • Payroll processing services