Mobile Banking


General Description

With AJIB Mobile application for Android and IOS devices, you can manage your money with optimum security wherever you are and around the clock with a touch of a button using your fingerprint.

How to Enroll

  1. Download AJIB Mobile from the App Store or Play Store
  2. Sign in to the AJIB Mobile application using your online banking user name and password. An automated request will be sent to your online banking account
  3. Log in to the online banking service and activate your device
  4. Log in to the AJIB Mobile application once again by using the same credentials.

Added Values

  • Review your bank account's details and history
  • Inquire about payment installments and details of your loans
  • Access to various Credit Card services including settling your Credit Card payments, activating and stopping your Credit Card, and printing the Credit Card statement
  • Funds transfer between accounts both within the bank’s network and with other local and international banks in Jordanian Dinar and foreign currencies
  • Access to eFAWATEERcom platform to pay bills and more
  • Request a cheque book, which can be picked up from your branch
  • View images of your cheques
  • Inquire about currencies exchange rates
  • Inquire about the locations of branches and ATMs
  • Change log in and money transfer passwords directly
  • Reset your password directly in case you forgot it
  • Add and remove beneficiaries from the fund-transfer list
  • Select the type of transfer that you wish, either Swift or Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer