Home Diesel Easy Payment Offer

Order your home diesel NOW from Manaseer Oil & Gas and pay using any of AJIB Credit Cards over a 3-month payback period with 0% interest and no additional fees.

Home Diesel Easy Payment Offer Benefits:

  1. Payback Period: 3 months with 0% interest rate
  2. The Easy Payment Plan will be performed on the point of sale machines with no additional fees.
  3. This offer is valid for all AJIB Credit Cards categories.
  4. The Easy Payment Plan can be applied for orders with a minimum of 500 liters of diesel.
  5. This offer is valid for home diesel orders from Manaseer Oil & Gas only.

Home Diesel Easy Payment Offer Steps on the POS Machine:

  • Order your Diesel amount by calling Manaseer Oil & Gas on 0799904040.
  • Inform the operator that you will be paying using your credit card.
  • Upon payment, please insert your card into the POS machine.
  • Enter the bill amount, then enter your pin code.
  • Upon confirmation of your Pin, you will have the option to choose whether to pay the full bill amount or benefit from the Easy Payment Plan with a payback period of 3 Months.
  • Choose your preferred option and collect the confirmation receipt.

Terms & Conditions apply.