Online Banking


In pursuit of its goal to provide a complete range of products and services and banking solutions that meet the highest levels of customer expectations, AJIB offers customized Corporate Banking and Trade Finance products and services to its customers.

Corporate Banking

AJIB has relentlessly endeavored to provide various types of corporations and entities with efficient banking solutions.

Trade Finance

AJIB offers a wide range of trade products and services designed to provide comprehensive solutions during the life cycle of your trade activities.


AJIB offers incoming and outgoing transfers worldwide, in a safe and easy manner.

AJIB provides a wide range of high-quality products and services ranging from investment tools to specialized advisory services.

AJIB Online Banking provides tailored solutions to serve the corporate sector 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

AJIB is present at various strategic locations throughout the Kingdom to ensure interaction with all segments of society in accordance with the most stringent standards for quality and excellence.

AJIB Tower
Al Abdali Mall Branch
Al Yasmeen Branch
Al-Huson Street Office – Irbid
Al-Omari Exchange Office
Al-Wehdat Branch
Aqaba Branch
Bayader Wadi Al-Seer Branch
City Mall Office
Corporate Banking – AJIB Tower
Dabouq Branch
Dakhilieh Circle
Four Seasons Hotel Office
Irbid Branch
Irbid National University Office
Jubeiha Branch
King Hussein Airport Office
King Hussein International Airport Aqaba Office
Marj Al-Hamam Branch
Marka Airport Office
Queen Alia International Airport Branch
Queen Alia Int’l Airport Offices
Tabarbour Branch
Taj Mall Office
Tala Bay Office – Aqaba
Tla'a Al-Ali Branch
Wadi Saqra Branch
Zarqa Al-Jadedah
Zarqa Branch
Navigate the complex stages of mergers, acquisitions and leverage buyouts.
AJIB’s Visa Infinite Credit Card offers you a world of unique experiences and services.
Manage your money with optimum security through AJIB Mobile application.
Obtain your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in seconds.
You can inquire about, review and settle your bills online through eFAWATEERcom platform.
AJIB Prestige program offers exceptional services and banking facilities.