AJIB Rewards



AJIB Rewards Program

Treat yourself with AJIB Rewards program. It is exclusively designed to reward clients holding selected Credit Cards by offering points for every purchase transaction performed at any point of sale.


AJIB Rewards Eligible Credit Cards

  • World Elite Mastercard
  • Visa Infinite
  • Prestige World Mastercard
  • Visa & Mastercard Platinum
  • Visa & Mastercard Gold

How to Register

How to Register to AJIB Rewards?

Eligible Credit Card holders will be automatically enrolled in AJIB Rewards program.

Clients can access their accounts by visiting www.ajibrewards.com or downloading ‘AJIB Rewards’ mobile application and entering their username and password, which will be sent in a text message to the mobile number registered at the Bank.

How to Redeem Points

With AJIB Rewards, you can easily earn and redeem points through www.ajibrewards.com or ‘AJIB Rewards’ mobile application. Users can access their accounts with the username and PIN code sent to their device.

Redemption Options

You can redeem these points for JOD 100 vouchers from Manaseer Oil & Gas, Leaders Center or Cozmo, or airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals, as well as a wide variety of beauty products, top-of-the-line laptops, the newest smart phones and more.

You also have the option to complete the amount required for the travel benefits in cash using your credit card in case the points were insufficient including airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car rentals expenses.

Redemption Categories

Visit AJIB Rewards website or download the mobile application to view the exclusive and exciting deals, discounts and new offers - which are updated regularly - within the below categories:

  1. Cosmetics and fitness products
  2. Charity donations
  3. Education
  4. Electronic devices and home appliances
  5. Entertainment and recreation
  6. Fashion and accessories
  7. Financial services
  8. Foods and drinks
  9. Gift cards
  10. Home and garden
  11. Movies, music, and books
  12. Office supplies and stationery
  13. Sport supplies
  14. Games
  15. Traveling and accommodation

To download AJIB Rewards App press here:

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